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Zero Click Mail

Automatically get email responses into a spreadsheet.

our amazing zero features

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Zero fill-in

Avoid copy, paste manual from email to spreadsheet

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Zero setups

It is so simple to implement that you only need to attach the bot inside the email guests in the "to" or Carbon Copy "Cc" field.

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Zero intrusive

We will not need access permissions to your email address

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Best Option to get your client responses

We are people that think personalization and close with the client is the more important and our product help you to reach this objective.

How to use

step 1

start your form or event

Insanely easy set up Ask a question to your email list via email, copy

step 2

claim your spreadsheet

receive a email with a link of your spreadsheet that automaticly append the new responses from your recipiens.

step 3

Get more responses

Prepare for receive more responses from your clients avoid do manual work and wasting time copying and pasting the responses mail by mail.

Ditch the forms, increase your response rate.

Insanely easy set up

Ask a question to your email list via email, copy, and we will record all the answers in a Google spreadsheet.

You can create a custom campaign ID by adding a “+” and whatever you want to name your campaign.

subject: John, The Favorite Food?
Body: hi John! Hi What is your favorite food?

to: me,
Subject: RE: John, The Favorite Food?

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Compatible with everything Works with MixMax, Streak, HubSpot, Mailchimp, or just plain email.
Doesn’t matter the platform or service you use, just copy

Get started

Just copy and that’s it! No need to create passwords or accounts. It’s seriously that simple



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